By signing up for Brandwatch for Students, you’ll receive 12 months access to Brandwatch Consumer Research Enterprise with 1 query for 1 User including:

  • Access to online training and help centre
  • Data segmentation using Boolean logic or Brightview machine learning classifiers
  • Dashboards and dashboard exports
  • Data sampling: if the data retrieved exceeds 5,000 mentions per day in the last 30 days when the query is created, the data is sampled by the % required to reduce data collected on the 5th highest day to less than 5,000 mentions (e.g. if the data retrieved on the 5th highest day was 10,000 mentions, that data would be sampled at 50%)
  • 2 years of historical data
  • Up to 20 "searches" per query purchased per year
  • Query terms of use: User must not delete & re-create a Query more frequently than once a month
The total upfront cost is $150 USD (including taxes) for the minimum subscription period of 12 months.
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • United States